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Alkaline and Spring Water

"Miracle Mind Global believes that when we drink clean water
daily the brain is hydrated and it positively increases our thought patterns."



Water is the Lifeline

of the Human Body


We all need water to live. Humans can only survive a month without food, but only one week with water. Every cell from the simplest to the most complex. 

Since the human body is made primarily of water, it is essential that we consume enough fluids on a daily basis to avoid dehydration. Plenty of water is essential to keep our bodies functioning optimally. Children need about 1.5 litres of water per day while adults need between 2 and 3 litres a day (quantity is dependent on environmental conditions, level of activity and body weight).

The Importance of Water to Human Health


We take in most of our water by drinking, but most solid foods also contain water. The unique properties of water are what make it so vital to life.  One of the most important things about water is that it helps us to digest food.  The excellent ability of water to dissolve many substances allows our cells to assimilate nutrients, minerals and chemicals during continual biological processes. Water also facilitates other critical functions such as oxygen transport, filtration of blood through the kidneys and being involved with the removal of carbon dioxide and waste products.

Water also plays a major role in body temperature regulation; a low water intake impairs the body’s ability to prevent overheating.  Water is continually passing through our bodies.  The average human body loses about 1.6 litres of water a day through urine (1.2 litres); breath and sweat (0.2 litres) and faeces (0.2 litres)- more if ambient temperatures are hot and if physical exertion takes place.  When more water is lost than is consumed, our bodies become dehydrated resulting in water rationing to each of our organs.  The priority is to keep the brain functioning so more water is rationed to the brain than other less important organs such as the skin.

IMBUE Alkaline Water


What are the benefits of drinking 9.5pH Alkaline Water?

Boost Immunity

An alkaline environment nurtures healthy blood cells and increases overall immunity.


Elevates Oxygen Level

Alkaline water increases the oxygen levels and approves nutrient delivery in the bloodstream. This helps elevate you and keeps you energized.


Helps Prevent Diseases

Alkaline water helps prevent diseases such as anti-aging, weight issues, diabetes management,  arthritis, osteoporosis, skin problems, soothes acid reflux, cancer, allergies, improves blood viscosity, and diabetes.


Boost Metabolism 

Alkaline water with a higher pH level can increase your metabolism and improve your body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients.


Reduces Free Radicals 

Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant, scavenging for a neutralizing harmful free radicals. Because alkaline water has the ability to give up electrons, it can effectively neutralize and block free radical damage to the body. 


Improves Health During Sickness

Viruses and bacteria which causes bronchitis and colds can thrive in an acidic environment. Keeping our pH level in the slightly alkaline range of 9.0 can help reduce the risk and lessen the severity of colds, sore throat‘s and bouts of influenza.

Spring Water 

Spring water provides much needed oxygen to the body and the brain, aids in good digestion, helps us maintain a healthy weight, and tastes great.


The water we drink is absorbed by the intestines and circulated throughout the body in the form of body fluids such as blood. They perform various functions that keep us alive. They deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and take away waste materials, which are then eliminated with urination. When the body rate temperature rises, blood circulation to the skin increases, enabling heat dissipation the sweating, helping to keep the body at a constant temperature.

You may purchase IMBUE Alkaline Water 
in the following quantities:


 6 - $ 9.99
12 - $17.99
24 - $22.99

IMBUE Spring Water

Dr. Lena G. Clark is the
Chief Executive Officer and Founder of IMBUE Water, LLC
an entity of Miracle Mind Global, LLC
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You may purchase IMBUE Spring Water 
in the following quantities:


  6 - $10.99
12 - $18.99

24 - $24.99




Reusable, Resealable and Recyclable

Aluminum Bottles


How Dehydration Affects

How Your Brain Functions

A healthy brain is made up of about 73 percent water, so adequate hydration is kind of a big deal — and what happens to your brain when you're dehydrated is, well, kind of scary.

When we become dehydrated, especially if that dehydration is chronic, we can run into all sorts of health problems, not the least of which include headaches, dry eyes, fatigue, and dizziness.

Once the brain is dehydrated, some studies show that we may temporarily lose volume in our brains, meaning that our brains might actually shrink when we don’t drink enough water. 

Keep your Brain hydrated!

Pure sourced, Natural

Georgia Spring Water


  • Bottled at the source from a natural spring deep in the Appalachian Mountains with some akalkalinity.

  • Harvested with zero mechanical means; no drilling or pumping, just Mother Nature at work.

  • Light, clean, crisp taste. 

From Cloud To Can

Our single-sourced Georgia spring water was once a cloud traveling high above the Appalachian Forest. After falling as rain on the mountains, the watershed travels deep underground filtering for hundreds of years. Finally, the spring water emerges with natural minerals and electrolytes.

Convenient and Portable


  • Perfect for an active lifestyle - our bottles are easily resealable and refillable.

  • Aluminum is 1000x more thermo-conductive than traditional plastic (gets colder - faster).

  • Plastic and glass free.

Canned in Aluminum


  • Every bottle is plastic-free and made from 100% aluminum.

  • Aluminum is not down-cycled and can be recycled over and over.

  • Plastic free e-commerce packaging.

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