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"The process of becoming your best self and creating a lifestyle that is tailored to your preferences, passions, and dreams is completely achievable for those who are willing to put in the WORK!"

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Dr. Lena G. Clark is a beacon of inspiration to many, with her life and career dedicated to transforming lives for the better. She is a certified mental health coach, global ambassador chaplain, mental first aid responder, author, entrepreneur, humanitarian, philanthropist, community leader, philosopher, and designer. Her passion for serving others led her to establish four successful companies, including:​

  • Miracle Mind Global, LLC

  • IMBUE Water, LLC

  • My Mind Multivitamins, LLC


With over two decades of experience in the mental health industry, Dr. Clark's ultimate mission is to build a global mental wealth empire by empowering individuals to change their mindset through coaching. Her Mental Wealth programs offer personal and professional growth. She is committed to helping people become the best version of themselves through:

  • Education

  • Resource sharing

  • Building a community of unity


Dr. Clark's personal journey of love, frustration, pain, and her infinite belief in God after losing her husband to suicide inspired her to remove the stigma surrounding mental health. Her mission is to turn mental health into mental wealth by accelerating the development of a better mental health care system worldwide. Her vision is to create the best teams and professionals around the world:

  • A passion for Mental Health

  • A genuine desire to collaborate

  • Big ideas and unique solutions to this rising epidemic.


As the CEO and Founder of IMBUE Water, LLC. Dr. Clark  is also an entrepreneur on a mission to educate and supply her brand of IMBUE Alkaline Water, available online and in select stores such as Walmart Marketplace, Amazon, and Rivly.

Dr. Clark believes that clean water plays a crucial role in mental health. Improving nutritional intake can help reduce the risk or slow the progression of certain disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Dr. Clark is a role model for women of all ages and a source of inspiration for those looking to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs. Her accomplishments and passion for mental health have made her one of the most inspiring mental health coaches in the world. Her motto, "Turning Mental Health into Mental Wealth," reflects her dedication to empowering individuals to transform their lives for the better. Dr. Clark's commitment to serving others and making a positive impact on the world is truly inspirational.

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Dr. Lena has been featured on:
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