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"The process of becoming your best self and creating a lifestyle that is tailored to your preferences, passions, and dreams is completely achievable for those who are willing to put in the WORK!"

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Dr. Lena G. Clark is the Chief Executive Officer/Founder of Miracle Mind Global Network & Associates, Inc., Chief Executive Officer/Founder of Miracle Mind Global, LLC. She is a Certified Mental Health Coach with a PhD in Mental Health Care, first a Mother, a Global Ambassador Chaplain, a certified Mental Health First Aid Responder, an Author, an Inspirational Speaker, an Entrepreneur, a Pastoral Care Counselor, a Humanitarian, a Philanthropist, a Community Leader, a Philosopher and a Designer.

With over 20 years experience in the Mental Health industry, Dr. Lena G. Clark has one simple mission - to build a Global Mental Wealth Empire by coaching and empowering individuals who have made a decision to change their mindset.

Dr. Lena's Mental Wealth programs deliver both personal and professional results, and she is truly passionate about helping others become the best possible versions of themselves through education, resource sharing and building a community of unity. Dr. Lena's qualifications make her the perfect fit if you're looking to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs to transform into the person you desire to be.

As a Mental Health coach, Dr. Lena's services are highly inspiring. She is on a mission to reunite, reposition and rebuild individuals who want to transform their lives for better quality.

"After losing my husband to suicide, my challenge has been to take individuals on my journey of love, frustration, pain, and the infinite love of God as I share my story and continue my mission to remove the stigma associated with Mental Health. Due to the social stigma, I'm here to remind individuals that Mental Health is REAL! Help must come quickly if we are to save those who have nowhere to turn because of the taboo of Mental Health. Mental Health is a disease that does not discriminate; it just needs to be understood."


Dr. Lena has a passion for helping individuals who may be feeling stuck in life and may have lost track of their true identity and purpose. As an advocate for individuals that have lost their true identity and have lost their desire to get out of bed. Lena has first-hand experience of how powerful and purposeful, pro-action is. Whether that's visualizing or journaling ones desires and goals, using experience tools to gather your thoughts about your own life and dreams, or breaking out your favorite books or journaling to imagine and connect with who you were created to be. 


"My mission is to accelerate the development of a better Mental Health Care system; it's not just development of a better Mental Health Care system; it's not just the development of a better Mental Health Care system, but a Mental Wealth system. I want to create the best teams and professionals around the world, with a passion for Mental Health and a desire to collaborate, who have the biggest ideas, and unique solutions to this rising epidemic."  - Dr. Lena G. Clark

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