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Join us... LIVE!


Our Special Guest  Sirmarkadoo Haggins





Join us as we identify the anchors that hold us back and

discuss strategies for Birthing our Greatness from within to be able

to live with Power, Protection, Purpose, Passion, Prosperity, Promise,

and Peace. #maskoff #removethemask #pain #purpose #mindset #mentalhealth #depression #suicide #schizophrenia


If you’re interested in appearing on 

Mask Off Monday please contact us at:

Email: Drlenagclark@miraclemindglobal.com


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If you or anyone you know that’s having suicidal ideations please call our 24/7 Help Hotline: 844.442.MIND

“When we wear multiple masks it is exhausting to the mind. Changing the mask to please the scenario or people, and adapting who we are to fit the situation we find ourselves in. Altering your natural personality to please others.”   
- Dr. Lena G. Clark
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